Passenger Behaviour Policy

Code of Conduct

Shuttlers users/passengers have a right to safe, comfortable and affordable trips. Poor behaviour is however not acceptable. Our aim is to raise the standard of both user and driver behaviour on the Shuttles.

The Shuttlers Passenger Behaviour Policy provides guidelines for all users. It elucidates how users are expected to use our services, and promotes decorum and safety on the Shuttles.

User Behaviour Guidelines

  1. Please book all rides on the Shuttlers passenger app.
  2. Please arrive at the pickup location at least 3 minutes before the take-off time.
  3. Please cooperate with the Marshal, Bus Captain and or Driver at all times.
  4. Where you are running late, kindly contact the Marshal, Bus Captain, Driver or the Customer Experience Team to inform them.
  5. When in doubt about your trip, please contact a Customer Experience Team.
  6. Please take some time to rate your trip and driver as appropriate.
  7. Please report all unacceptable behaviour or grievances to the Marshal, Bus Captain or Customer Experience Team via the following channels

    Phone Number: 07000700080


Unacceptable Behaviour

The listed behaviours constitute valid grounds for a user to be blacklisted and prevented from using the Shuttlers platform. All reported incidents will be investigated and where such a user is found culpable his/her Shuttlers account may be suspended indefinitely.

Behaviour Whether Intentional Or Not Description
Threatening Intimidation or behaviour that causes a user or Shuttlers staff/partner fear of being harmed. Putting other users, or the safe operations of the Shuttle at risk.
Bullying Persistent actions, criticism, verbal or written abuse that intimidates, frightens a user or Shuttlers staff/partner.
Discriminatory Failure to respect a user or Shuttlers staff/partner on the basis of age, disability, gender, religion etc.
Abusive Unwanted or offensive behaviour and language affect another customer's or Shuttlers staff's dignity.
Physical Abuse Any form of physical, hostile, or abusive behaviour to our staff/customers.
Vandalising Deliberate destruction or damage of Shuttlers vehicles or property.
Concealing Weapons Carrying a weapon on board our Shuttles.
Alcohol Consumption Consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages. Intoxication and disorderly conduct.
Illegal Substances Consumption or distribution of illegal substances. Intoxication and disorderly conduct.
Impersonation Getting on a Shuttle without adequately booking for the trip.
Noise Making Disturbing other users on the shuttle by making noise.
Eating Eating Food on the shuttle (Only snacks are allowed)

Escalation Channels

Please contact our Customer Experience team for assistance through the official Shuttlers telephone number, via email, or chat directly with an agent on your Shuttlers app.

Phone Number: 07000700080