Frequently Asked Questions

A handy guide To Shuttlers

For riders
How To Request a Ride

Create an account, fund your wallet easily using the payment platform or through bank transfer then go ahead to select pick up and destination location and click on find shuttle, confirm time and click on book a ride on your app

How To Cancel a Trip

If you have fully booked for a ride and along the line you decide to cancel, go to your dashboard, open routes, click on the actual trip you want to cancel, on the far-end of the screen you'll see the cancel button, please go ahead and cancel if you're up to it.

Note: you have to cancel at an hour to the day of the actual ride.

How To Pay For a Trip

Trip fees are been debited from your wallets as you fund it from you bank or e-transaction plaforms.

How To Reach Out To Support

You can reach to our support team via email at or mobile number 0818 156 5768.

Does Shuttlers Have Recurring Charges?
With Shuttlers you are only billed for the rides you booked for any current week you're in and once you cancel before the day of the ride your money is been refunded to your wallet instantly. No other charges are debited from you.
For drivers
How To Accept a Ride

Here won't really be any need for accepting a trip because you'll be assigned to any of the routes you opted for when sigining up with the company.

How To Reach Out To Support

You can reach to our support team via email at or mobile number 0818 156 5768.

How To Reach Out To the User

Each bus has a bus-captain who will be in-charge of taking the actual shuttle users attendance and contacting the driver, also the driver is been given the number of the bus-captain in-turn.

How To Reach Out To the User

On your app the list of users who signed up for a particular route is automatically displayed for the driver to see and have access to, also in certain rare cases you'll find people who couldn't book the route but are up for the fare just reachout to the bus-captain for more details on that individual.

When and Where is Shuttlers Available in my City?

For now Shuttlers is only available in Lagos, Nigeria